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干支 - うま - horse -(S)



1年の幸を守ると言われて大切にされている干支。 木目の美しい香り豊かな四万十ヒノキから職人の 手によって1つ1つ作られています。 In Japan, zodiac is said to protect the happiness of the year. This is made from " 四万十檜 - Shimanto cypress* " which has a beautiful grain and rich aroma. The zodiac items are made by artisans living Shimanto one by one. *Shimanto cypress is grown in Kochi prefecture, Japan. 【作り手】武田勇馬 - Yuma Takeda - 【素 材】四万十ヒノキ - Shimanto cypress - *十二支set はこちらhttps://studiofig.shop/items/5fd1a7f4da019c551eb33c85 size: w 105 x h 85 x t 14 mm(紙箱入り) made in Japan